Monday, October 25, 2010

Art that is perfect for Halloween -- Laurie Lipton

My Halloween countdown of artists who borderline on the macabre-- or simply stimulate the imagination of viewers with artwork that is both chilling and thought provoking-- continues. The first in this series involved a painting by Chet Zar. The painting by Zar, titled “Night”, was inspired by George A. Romero’s cult classic ’Night of the Living Dead’. In the scope today-- Laurie Lipton.
Reunion -- charcoal & pencil on paper 55 x 63 cm by Laurie Lipton

I conducted an interview with Laurie Lipton back in 2007. Thus, I’ve been aware of her artwork for a few years-- and have always been impressed. Lipton’s meticulously detailed drawings often involve a sense of impending death-- many of her works seem to explore a twisted reality where the living and the dead ‘live’ side-by-side. Other works provoke the idea that perhaps the living are not as alive as they might think-- a notion spurred by a change of roles between the living and the deceased.

Laurie Lipton ‘builds’ her images up via means of thousands upon thousand of cross-hatched pencil strokes. Upon viewing her artwork-- and considering her methods-- you will understand why many suggest that she is a master of drawing. You will also see why her artwork places me in the perfect mood for Halloween. No, I’m not reducing Lipton’s artwork to mere seasonal pleasure-- trust me, her work can be enjoyed year round. See for yourself at

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Art that is perfect for Halloween -- Chet Zar

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