Monday, November 8, 2010

Art Marketing News: FASO Launches Enhanced Analytics

Art Marketing News: FASO Launches Enhanced Analytics

FASO recently launched enhanced analytics for FASO artist websites. Artists who use FASO’s service can utilize the enhanced analytics feature in order to keep track of the number of visitors to their FASO supported website and observe a graph of that traffic over time. Furthermore, artists can get detailed information about traffic from other websites, know what pages on their FASO artist website is the most popular, and know what keywords people are using on search engines that result in discovering their website. The features can help you with your online art marketing strategy.

FASO enhanced analytics also includes a feature that allows artists to see what people are viewing on their FASO artist website in real time-- which theoretically could be used to have a better understanding of what people enjoy most about the site as new material is added. The features also allow artists to track mentions and links to their website that are on Twitter. Thus, artists can easily keep updated on the progress of their online art marketing efforts and know what works best as far as their art marketing strategy is concerned.

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For those who don’t know-- FineArtStudioOnline (FASO) is a revolutionary website creation tool that allows an artist to create an affordable website in a matter of minutes. In other words, FASO is perfect for artists who are not exactly tech savvy or for artists who simply want to utilize FASO Artist Support in order to save time for other art related matters. FASO offers a free 60 day trial of their service-- so I urge you to try the trial if you don’t have a website for your art or are not happy with your current art website. For more information visit,

Point blank-- FASO makes your online art marketing efforts easier by making website creation less complicated and easier to maintain. Having a FASO supported website saves valuable time that you can spend on promoting yourself-- and your new FASO website-- online. As I’ve mentioned in the past, a personal website for your art should be the pillar of your online art marketing efforts-- FASO gives you the boost start you need to help those goals become a reality.

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