Friday, November 19, 2010

Update: Brian Sherwin Writing for FineArtViews

Update: Brian Sherwin Writing for FineArtViews

I’m pleased to announce that I’m officially a regular contributing writer for FineArtViews (FAV). FineArtViews is a free daily e-newsletter that focuses on art marketing, general art advice, and other art related information. FAV is known for having great art content that can be helpful to artists, art collectors, and gallery owners-- or anyone else interested in art.

FAV is maintained by Clint Watson-- a former gallery owner who is the driving force behind FineArtStudioOnline (FASO). FASO is a website creation tool that allows artists to create their own website in minutes. In other words, FASO artist websites make the tech side of art marketing easier for artists to manage so that they can focus more time on creating art instead of being bogged down by technicalities, so to speak. As for FineArtViews, Clint has done a great job of gathering contributors who are experts in art marketing online, aspects of e-Commerce, and gaining exposure for artwork online. I’m excited to be included in the team.

My most recent contribution to FineArtViews, titled Copyright Registration: Protecting Yourself as Well as Your Collectors, deals with the importance of copyright registration. I firmly believe that copyright registration protects artists as well as their art collectors. Excerpt below:

“The issue of copyright registration is always a hot topic among artists. Copyright registration can be an important aspect of marketing your art. The protection offered by copyright law is one of the best ways to secure the future growth of your art business. Copyright registration provides a strong foundation for future sales via means of prints and other merchandise-- and protects your creative investments if issues over who owns your images arise. Not only does copyright registration protect you-- it also protects art collectors who have invested in your artwork. It is something that all selling artists should do-- but I’m fully aware that most artists don’t.” -- Brian Sherwin

To read the article visit the FineArtViews blog. Be sure to subscribe to the FAV newsletter!

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin


  1. As I mentioned on one of your other posts - welcome to the team!

  2. Hey, congratulations! If anyone deserves this recognition, it would be you. I haven't been reading your articles and blog for long, but have surely been impressed with both the thought as well as writing talent you display.